Reducing your summer electric bill

When budgeting during the summer months, homeowners might find that they are paying more for electricity. For some, this may not be that big a deal, but those who are already struggling financially probably can't handle the extra expense. 

Here are some simple ways consumers can lower their electric bills in summer:

No. 1 – Turn on the energy saver option

One of the major reasons electric bills skyrocket in summer is because homeowners are constantly using the air conditioner to get away from the hot temperatures. With the AC running every day, a lot more electricity is being used. To help reduce this, it would be wise to use the energy saver option, which helps keep the house cool while people are out. This allows homeowners to avoid the energy heavy process of turning on the AC every time they come home, which leads to a lot of electricity being needed to cool down a warm house. 

No. 2 – Turn the lights on during the day

Natural sunlight is a homeowners best friend during summer. To help reduce the amount of electricity that is used on a daily basis, lights should be turned off during the day time, especially in rooms that have plenty of windows and are able to take advantage to sunlight. Having the lights off can also keep a home cooler, so this could lead to decreased reliance on the air conditioner. 

No. 3 – Replace air filters regularly

With air systems in a home, there will need to be some sort of filter in place to ensure the air is healthy. These filters need to be replaced regularly to ensure air systems are running efficiently. Typically, filters last around three months so homeowners will probably need to change them at the beginning of summer and somewhere toward the end. Failing to complete this step can lead to higher energy bills without actually having a much cooler home. 

No. 4 – Close shades

During the day, it would be wise to close shades in rooms that aren't in use or don't need natural lighting. Having them open can heat up a home, and lead to a greater need for AC, which uses up more energy. It is also important to ensure shades are shut whenever homeowners venture out for the day. 

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