San Francisco introduces parking meters that take credit cards

Many consumers who often drive in big cities may have found themselves frustrated by parking if they didn’t bring enough change for the meters.

A new report in the San Francisco Chronicle said the city could do away with that frustration forever. On July 26, it rolled out 190 high-tech parking meters that accept not only coins, but will also allow consumers to take on credit card debt with them. Eventually they will also take the city’s prepaid parking cards.

The project is part of a federally funded effort to keep cars from circling the block looking for parking, which will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. When fully implemented, the trial will use 5,100 of the new meters, covering 20 percent of the curbside spots in eight neighborhoods, the paper said.

“This is about more effectively managing parking in San Francisco and achieving our goals of reducing congestion and pollution and making it more convenient to park,” Nathaniel Ford, executive director of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, told the paper.

According to San Francisco Weekly, the costs for parking at the new meters will eventually range from 50 cents to $18 an hour depending on demand for the spots.

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