Saving money more a priority for college students

As some college students get ready to start, or restart, their university careers, many of them are going to school with personal finances on their mind.

According to Alloy Media + Marketing’s ninth annual College Explorer survey, saving money has become more of a priority for the class of 2013. Of respondents, 40 percent said they are saving more than in past years.

“For many college students, the economic downturn appears to be driving fiscally responsible behaviors,” the report said.

The survey, which involved Harris Interactive, showed that one-third of respondents felt that financial pressures are one of their top concerns when heading into college. Also, 25 percent of the respondents sought out their first job, got a second job, or lobbied for more hours at their current job.

Furthermore, 65 percent of students age 18 to 24 said they openly discussed their personal finances with their parents.

As students enter college, there are a number of ways they can try and make their financial situations a bit easier. According to many reports, some students may consider renting text books rather than buying them. Furthermore, students may want to stay away from using plastic so they can avoid future credit card debt.

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