Shredding credit card offers may be safest option

Consumer mailboxes have been increasingly flooded with credit card offers in recent weeks, as issuers attempt to attract holiday shoppers into new deals.

However, those consumers looking to free themselves from the temptation to take on more credit card debt, may want to consider taking more effective methods of disposing these offers than simply throwing the unopened envelopes away.

Most offers contain vital information such as a name or address, which could be particularly valuable to credit card thieves, The New Jersey Star Ledger reports. As a result, some experts advise taking more drastic measures for consumers looking to keep their information safe.

Michael Gibney, a certified financial planner with Highland Financial Advisors says consumers should consider tearing up these offers or investing in a paper shredder for extra precaution, the news source says.

Unless consumers monitor their credit reports frequently, they may also be unaware if such an event has transpired. As a result, letting this information out could also harm credit scores and other vital financial data.

By taking this extra time, consumers could help limit their liabilities potential keep their personal information protected.

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