Soft Skills High on Employers’ List of Winning Traits

You don’t just need big-time tech skills to get a job, personality helps too.

Don’t fill your resume up with only hard skills, such as operating computer programs or more high tech elements. Most employers, 77 percent, want soft skills too, such as a positive attitude and team-oriented player.

That’s according to a recent survey on behalf of CareerBuilder. A national sample of 2,138 hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes took part. The top soft skills chosen by the participants were:

  1. Candidate has a strong work ethic – 73 percent
  2. Candidate is dependable – 73 percent
  3. Candidate has a positive attitude – 72 percent
  4. Candidate is self-motivated – 66 percent
  5. Candidate is team-oriented – 60 percent
  6. Candidate is organized, can manage multiple priorities – 57 percent
  7. Candidate works well under pressure – 57 percent
  8. Candidate is an effective communicator – 56 percent
  9. Candidate is flexible – 51 percent
  10. Candidate is confident – 46 percent

Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder says…

“When companies are assessing job candidates, they’re looking for the best of both worlds: someone who is not only proficient in a particular function, but also has the right personality.”

Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit, believes these skills can assist you with your money management techniques but first you have to prioritize your financial wellbeing…

“If you are well organized, self-motivated and have a strong work ethic, chances are you will be diligent when it comes to your finances. But sadly, many people don’t take their finances as seriously as other aspects of their lives, like their jobs. And that leads to debt.”

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