Soldiers victimize deceased crash victim in credit card fraud

Russian soldiers have been accused of misusing the personal information of an eminent Polish historian to aid their own personal finances. Andrzej Przewoznik was among those killed in the plane crash earlier this year that also claimed the life of Poland’s president, according to the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The Telegraph cites a statement from the Russian Federal Investigation Committee as saying that “four soldiers have been charged with theft. All four suspects have confessed and are actively co-operating with investigators.”

According to the newspaper, the announcement from the Russian government represents an abrupt reversal of previous statements, which had dismissed Polish claims that the personal information of the crash’s victims was being misused to perpetrate financial fraud.

The case serves as a further illustration, experts say, that credit card fraud is a serious and growing concern to consumers worldwide. If personal financial information is not carefully protected and responsible credit card use not practiced, some card holders could face unfortunate debt management concerns that are not of their own making.

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