Some Wells Fargo customers to receive new credit card technology

Consumers who feel more comfortable taking on credit card debt rather than carrying cash when they go overseas may have been frustrated to find that their American-issued plastic doesn’t always work. Now, one of the nation’s largest lenders is testing a program that may change this

Wells Fargo will soon begin testing a pilot program to distribute credit cards embedded with EMV chips to 15,000 consumers who have been identified as regular overseas travelers, according to a report from Bloomberg News. This system is used in most of the world instead of the magnetic strips seen on the back of almost all American cards.

“It’s not an infrequent message from our customers of the acceptance challenges they have when they go overseas,” Eric Schindewolf, vice president of product development for Wells Fargo’s consumer credit-card unit, told the news agency. “We want to remain top-of-wallet, wherever our customers are.”

The global “chip-and-pin” credit card system is typically viewed as being more secure than the American standard because it is far harder to duplicate the information stored on these pieces of plastic.

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