Spring Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Save Money

As spring approaches, home maintenance projects can lower your long term expenses.

In the months after the holiday season, many people may find themselves still bogged down with credit card debt. As spring approaches, there are many home maintenance projects people can take on that can help them lower their costs and have more money to pay down that holiday debt.

Inspect the roof – As the snow begins to melt, homeowners could be at risk for water damage. One of the major areas that this occurs is the roof. With that said, it is important to inspect this part of the home in the spring. Whether it is made of shingles, tin or other materials, making sure the roof is prepared to prevent water damage can help people avoid significant costs associated with this issue.

Clearing the gutters – Another area that is susceptible to water damage is gutters, so homeowners should ensure they clean them out. This includes removing leaves or any other debris, as water damage resulting from this problem can be difficult to detect until an extensive repair is needed, which can be expensive.

Clean the dryer vent – This is a great tip for any time of year, as a dirty dryer vent can push people’s utility bills up. While many dryers have lint traps, some of it escapes and gets caught in the vent. It creates a longer time needed to dry clothes, which increases utility expenses. It can also create a fire hazard, so completing this home maintenance task is essential for safety.

Complete AC maintenance – As the temperature rises, homeowners may begin to use their air conditioners. Before use, they should have a qualified heating and cooling contractor come to the house so they can clean the outside unit of the air conditioning system. This helps the AC operate more efficiently and can save people money on their utility bills. AC maintenance should be completed at least once a year and the spring is a great time to get it done.

Check the seals around windows and doors – Winter weather can damage homes in many ways, including cracking and hardening caulk around windows and doors. When the weather gets better, homeowners should inspect these areas, as any cracks could increase their air conditioning bill. It could also help prevent water damage.

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