Square secures noteworthy investment from Visa

Though a new cash injection from the world’s largest credit network may not carry significant monetary weight, the processing giant’s business support will likely be a boon to a startup company that specializes in processing credit card debt.

Square, one of the most recognizable names in mobile credit card processing, recently received a small investment from Visa, and could see significant benefits as a consequence, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. The funding is only worth a few million dollars but also comes with a Visa executive serving on the startup’s board of directors.

In addition, support from Visa will also likely lead to Square gaining more name recognition from businesses and lead to faster adoption among those who have been on the fence about mobile credit card payments, the report said. Currently, about 27 million businesses across the country do not accept credit card payments despite the fact that 90 percent of consumers have this type of account.

Square is already making headway in the mobile payment industry because it recently began being sold in Apple Stores.

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