Survey: Back-to-school shoppers looking for deals

As consumers continue to try and save money, a new poll shows that things may be looking a bit up for retailers selling back-to-school items.

The survey, conducted by Deloitte LLP, shows that 64 percent of respondents plan on spending less this year when it comes to school supplies. However, that’s down from the 71 percent who said the same the year before.

"Although retailers may not see as many wallets snapping shut as they did in late 2008, consumers still plan to stretch their dollars, telling us that that their shopping remains constrained," Stacy Janiak, vice chairman and U.S. retail leader for Deloitte, said. "Retailers should focus on delivering the best incentives and in-store experiences to get the most out of the back-to-school season this year."

The poll showed that a number of concerns were in the minds of consumers with regard to the amount they will spend on school supplies. Of respondents, 32 percent said they were saving money, while 33 percent said they were looking to get out of debt.

Consumers also were concentrating on better budgeting when it comes to school supplies. Of those polled, 74 percent said they would purchase more supplies on sale, while 55 percent said they would use more store coupons while shopping.

Unemployment also was a concern, with 22 percent of respondents saying they experienced a job loss. The latest figure from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate in the country is at 9.5 percent.

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