Survey: Some Americans planning on retiring later

A new survey shows that Americans are planning on needing to work more in order to have the personal finances to retire.

The poll, which was commissioned by ING DIRECT, showed that 40 percent of respondents felt current economic woes would lead to them to retiring later, and 34 percent of those who plan on retiring later say they think they will have to work an additional 10 years.

Given recent reports, Americans may have no choice but to work more in order to save for retirement. Another survey done by CFO Research Service shows that about 25 percent of employers have stopped, or have considered stopping, contributing to their employees’ 401(k) plans.

The survey also showed that economic difficulties are putting stress on people’s love lives. Of respondents, 29 percent said that economic problems have either stressed, strained or ruined their relationship or marriage.

People in the survey were polled from a number of different countries. The results showed that Americans were the mostly likely to say they are feeling relationship stress related to the economy, compared to 12 percent of Germans, 23 percent of Canadians and 24 percent of French respondents.

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