Swipely opens its doors to the public

The purchase-sharing company, Swipely, has announced that it will now be open to the public. Previously, Swipely had been invitation-only. The company allows users to automatically share purchases by linking their credit or debit card to an account it offers and allowing the service to publish information from emailed receipts.

Swipely is introducing the decision with a new virtual badge system. Badges will be awarded to users upon making purchases and may even offer discounts for shoppers over time. Although the incentives are enticing, Mashable, a social media news website, notes that many consumers are wary of the idea of linking their credit cards to social networking. Swipely founder and CEO Angus Davis says, however, that it is just a “natural extension” of shopping conversation that would otherwise be happening offline.

“Ninety percent of money is still spent offline … the credit card in your pocket offers a way to connect the two worlds,” the Swipely CEO tells Mashable.

Consumers who want to limit the shopping information that is published can link a limited amount of cards to keep their personal data safe.

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