New smartphone app lets consumers add credit card debt at restaurants

There’s a new application aimed at consumers who often add to their credit card debt at restaurants but don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting for their server to bring back the check.

According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, a new smartphone app called TabbedOut is currently being tested at several restaurants and bars in Texas, allowing consumers to pay for their food and drink bills without ever handing off their credit card.

The report said that all a consumer has to do is put their payment information into the app, which then allows them to open a tab and add to it as needed as the night goes on. When it comes time to pay, they simply have to tap in the appropriate place on their phone to pay. The app’s developer says this not only eliminates hassle for consumers, but for servers, who now have fewer bills to process at the end of the night as well.

In recent months, there have been several cases of restaurant workers stealing patrons’ personal information for identity fraud, but this app also eliminates that threat.

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