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Use each Research of the Week to take another step forward.

Research of the Week is Consolidated Credit’s special news feature that we present every Friday morning. We look at a new consumer study or set of financial statistics that reveal what American finance looks like today. Then we offer practical advice and resources to help you get ahead of the curve.

Whether you’re a client, an alumnus or just an indebted consumer looking for help, use this column to your advantage. The faster you take action to address challenges and avoid trouble, the less likely you are to face financial distress. So, take action on these key trends to get ahead of the Joneses in a whole new way.

Can You Afford the Cost of Debt?

Another interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve means that the cost of debt for consumers just got higher again. WalletHub has revised their map of cities with the most and least sustainable credit card balances. Can you still afford to pay off your debt in a cost-effective way or do you need debt relief?..Read full article

Is Mobile Banking Better?

Millennials are the first to jump on new technology that makes their lives easier, but a new survey finds they also may be the first to dump tech that doesn’t perform like they expect. This survey shows the problems with our current mobile banking experience...Read full article