Consolidated Credit Announces the Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Contest

The most food oriented US holiday is almost here and many Americans are preparing for the heartiest meal that they will eat this year. Normal Thanksgiving staples like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables, and desserts will grace the dining table of many households, but what happens to all of those leftovers.

Of the 248 million turkeys that were sold in the US last Thanksgiving, about $282 million worth of turkey was thrown away. This year, the US Department of Agriculture projects that Americans will throw away about 200 million pounds of edible turkey this Thanksgiving holiday.

The USDA projects that Americans will throw away over 200 million pounds of turkey this Thanksgiving. We’re encouraging people to think outside of the box before they throw away their Thanksgiving meals.

Starting Monday, Nov 18, people can upload their Thanksgiving leftover recipes and photos to Consolidated Credit’s Facebook page for their chance to win money to help with their holiday budget.

The first-place winner receives $100, second-place $75, and third-place $50.

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