The 10 Weirdest Work Distractions

Yes, employees actually got away with this stuff.

What's your weirdest work distraction story?

Do you work eight hours a day? When the jobs website CareerBuilder asked more than 3,000 workers this question, the answer was clearly no way.

In fact, 3 out of 4 employees said “two or more hours a day are lost in productivity because employees are distracted.”

Most of that wasted time is wasted on personal texting, emailing, and web surfing. But when CareerBuilder asked for specific examples they’ve seen around their own offices, respondents reported…

  1. “Employee was working on a scrapbook.”
  2. “Employee was decorating a cubicle with chains of paper clips.”
  3. “Employee brought her equipment for her embroidery business from home and was making items for a craft show to sell.”
  4. “Employee was doing doughnuts in the parking lot in the snow.”
  5. “Employee brought in a kitten she found outside and tried to keep it quiet within a large purse.”
  6. “Employee was working on her child’s school project that included uncooked macaroni noodles.”
  7. “Employee was laying on a patient’s bed talking to the patient while the patient sat in her wheelchair.”
  8. “Employee was watching YouTube videos of people shoving marshmallows in their mouth.”
  9. “Employee was doing some personal grooming in the break room.”
  10. “Employee was searching on craigslist for dates.”

Of course, wasting time on the job is a good way to lose your job. Since most Americans have some form of debt they need to pay off – whether it’s a mortgage, auto loan, or credit card balances – they can’t afford to not afford their bills.

If you’ve lost your job – through no fault of your own or because you got caught doing something stupid – consult Consolidated Credit’s free resource, Overcoming Employment Challenges that can lead to Debt Problems.

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