The Most Frugal Cities in America

Take note from these cities and learn how to save more money, too.

The days of clipping coupons from the Sunday paper are beginning to fade, now that digital coupons and mobile devices have become more prevalent. That’s according to the latest Savings Index, which ranks greater metro areas (with a population of 1,500,000 or more) based on each area’s total issued coupon savings on and the network.

Jeanette Pavini, household savings expert says, “315 billion coupons were issued in the U.S. in 2013, giving consumers more than $510 billion in potential savings.”” That’s a ton of money but the Midwest and Southeast areas of the country were the most frugal. The top 10 cities are:

  1. Orlando
  2. Tampa
  3. Washington
  4. Nashville
  5. Charlotte
  6. Atlanta
  7. Cleveland
  8. Kansas City
  9. Denver
  10. Raleigh

Mobil Devices and Saving

Another part of the Index entitled ‘Most On-the-Go Frugal Cities’ studied cities that use mobile devices to help them save. Pavini says, “More and more, consumers are looking to their smart phones and other mobile devices to help them shop and save. Mobile offers the ultimate in convenience and makes it easy to access savings at home, on the go and even in the store.”

And the winners are:

  1. Orlando
  2. Kansas City
  3. Atlanta
  4. Charlotte
  5. Cleveland
  6. Washington
  7. Tampa
  8. Columbus
  9. Indianapolis
  10. Nashville

Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit likes the idea of using coupons digitally or otherwise but also believes saving money starts with budgeting…

“The wide array of coupons available to consumers, through online outlets or rewards programs is fantastic but saving money starts with building a budget and sticking to it. Too many consumers get caught up in the “savings” routine and end up spending too much money. Just because you have a great coupon for something doesn’t mean you can afford it.”

If you need assistance sharpening your money management skills, building a budget or help managing your debt don’t hesitate to contact one of Consolidated Credit’s certified credit counselors today.

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