The Plane Truth about Airline Fees

We all hate them, but are some worth paying?

If you want to fly comfortably on a commercial jet these days, it’s going to cost you: fees for checked luggage, fees for priority boarding, fees for more legroom.

With all these fees, it’s no surprise a new survey by the travel website reveals airline passenger hate them – with baggage fees topping the list.

While almost half (45 percent) will grudgingly pay for more legroom, “of the travelers surveyed by, 89 percent said it was important that airlines stop charging for checked baggage,” the survey said.

But more interesting is a list of fees we’re willing to pay that don’t even exist yet. While airlines made an amazing $17.2 billion in “ancillary revenue” last year, they could make even more if they started charging these creative fees…

  • 42 percent would pay to have dedicated overhead bin space for their hand luggage
  • 34 percent would pay to prevent the seat in front of them from reclining
  • 26 percent would pay to have an empty middle seat next to them

And while baggage fees are the most hated of the bunch, “35 percent would pay to have their checked luggage come out first at baggage claim.”

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