Though saving is important, there may be things worth spending on

Saving money may be on the minds of a lot of consumers, though there are a few things some people may still consider spending money on.

In a recent posting on her website, financial expert Liz Pulliam Weston noted there were a few things she considered worth shelling out cash for. For example, reserving a date night with a significant other is something consumers may still consider doing despite the status of the economy.

“There’s something about being out of the house, where we weren’t constantly reminded of all the chores we had to do, that helped us relax and focus on each other,” Pulliam Weston wrote.

Another thing consumers may still want to pay for is oil changes. Trying to change the oil on a car can be both difficult and messy, and paying a professional to do it has the added benefit of allowing them to check other parts of the car.

Of course, saving money is still an important goal for many people, though it is difficult for some consumers. Those who are facing debt problems may consider visiting a credit counseling service. There they can set up a debt management plan, which could provide people with some debt help through lower interest rates.

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