Unclogging mailbox may reduce credit card temptations

In recent months, issuers have been hoping to spur credit card use by sending out an increasingly large amount of new card offers in the mail.

Credit card companies have mailed an estimated 1.2 billion offers in the third quarter of this year, many of them highlighting added savings at popular retail destinations, cash back on purchases and other added enticements.

While these might be attractive to consumers looking to increase their holiday savings, the offers may be disproportionally affecting those who harbor good credit and have no interest in increasing the number of credit cards they possess, The Philadelphia News reports. As a result, many of these individuals are looking for ways to reduce unnecessary clutter their mailboxes.

Consumers looking to alleviate this burden may wish to call the Federal Trade Commission, the news source says. This hotline can be used by the three major credit-reporting agencies, and may potentially reduce or eliminate the volume of these mailings.

This may also help consumers concerned about their budgeting, as it could cut down on the temptation to add new credit cards, which could increase debt.

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