Using cash for online purchases can help avoid credit card debt

For the first part of the holiday season, shopping online has become an increasingly popular option among consumers looking to avoid long holiday lines and limited selection.

However, many consumers shopping online are also struggling with credit card debt and may not know that they don’t have to use plastic for these purchases.

Those with a bank account can make purchases through PayPal, WalletPop reports. However, this may still need to be linked to a debit card or checking account and may not be the big step many budgeting consumers require.

eBillme is another way to pay online that has more than 800 websites signed up to its services, the news source says. Unlike PayPal, consumers don’t need to have a credit card or even a bank account. Customers can instead make purchases, which can be paid later in e-mails in a similar fashion to a utility bill or mortgage payment.

Many retailers allow this service to be used for payments, including Kmart, Sears and Crutchfield. While these methods may not reduce a budget drastically, they can be helpful additions that ensure consumers will limit the credit card debt they acquire this holiday season.

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