Verizon contemplates new credit card fee

Credit card fees have recently become the subject of much debate in Washington, D.C., with new legislation on the horizon to help Americans get out of debt being hotly debated. The CARD Act was designed to limit fees that were forcing some consumers deeper into credit card debt. However some companies have tried to find alternate ways to raise fee revenue. Verizon is contemplating a new fee, which would charge its landline, FiOS and DSL customers $3.50 if they wish to pay their bills online via a credit or debit card, according to the Consumerist. Consumers can bypass this new fee by signing up for Verizon auto-billing, which deducts bills directly from consumer accounts. The fee was supposed to be instated on October 16, but the company issued a statement informing customers it was re-evaluating the program, the news source reports. The second look at the proposed fees stems from strong consumer disapproval. The proposed fee is in a pilot phase affecting only those without phone service from Verizon and live in California, Florida and Texas.

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