Visa testing out new credit card designs

Credit card lenders and issuers are always looking for ways to make these accounts more secure, and now the world’s largest payment processor may have come up with a new way to do so.

Beginning in the near future, Visa will start testing out a new design for certain types of credit cards, which puts the 16-digit account number, expiration date and logo on the back of the plastic, instead of the front, according to a report from the financial news site Main Street. The only thing that would remain on the front is the consumer’s name and the bank that issued the card.

However, Visa is also not revealing exactly why it believes this change will make the cards more secure, the report said. Instead, it says that the redesign – first featured on Chase’s Sapphire card – is to better help issuing banks brand their products, while Chase says the change serves as an added security feature.

Experts say that one way credit card issuers could vastly improve consumers’ card security would be to switch to chip and pin products rather than those with magnetic strips, but the changeover would be costly to implement.

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