Vote with an open mind – and a closed wallet!

Today is Election Day in some parts of the country – most notably in Virginia and New Jersey, where high-profile gubernatorial races are winding down.

But a weird new study by, an online home improvement network, posed a crazy question: Do Democrats or Republicans spend more on home improvements after an election? Not surprisingly, the answer was, “Neither.” (Who comes up with these questions, anyway?)

But buried in the study was this interesting nugget: In the last president election, “Those states that tended to vote for Romney experienced more of an increase in entertainment spending than those states that voted for Obama.”

Why? theorizes that Romney voters “were most disappointed in the results of the election were more likely to turn to entertainment.” Or as Tim Ellis, data journalist for, put it bluntly, “We speculate that many individuals may have increased entertainment spending in order to escape the reality that the President would be serving a second term.”

So if your candidates lose today, don’t go on a spending spree. In fact, you should read Consolidated Credit’s newly revamped Budgeting Made Easy instead. You can get your finances organized so you can stay solvent no matter what our newly elected officials decide to do while in office. And don’t worry – more elections are always right around the corner.

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