Wal-Mart expands $10 toy offers

As the year rolls into October, the holiday shopping season edges that much closer. Given the state of the economy, budgeting and saving money are on the minds of many consumers as they prepare to shop for gifts.

A number of retailers have taken note of this through offering different holiday programs. For example, Wal-Mart is expanding a program that offers toys priced at $10. This year, the retailer has expanded the $10 toy roster to more than 100 items.

“With the popularity of our 10 for $10 toy program last October, we knew it was important for customers that we bring it back and offer an even greater amount of $10 toys this year,” said Laura Phillips, Wal-Mart chief toy officer and vice president of toys, said.

A number of retailers are also touting their layaway programs during the holiday season. For example, both Kmart and Sears have increased the presence of their layaway programs on their websites.

Deloitte Research recently reported that it expects this year’s holiday sales to be even with 2008. The group predicts total sales for the season to hit $810 billion.

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