Zillow: Long-term mortgage rates have a mixed week

Mortgage rates posted uneven numbers during the week ending March 23, as long-term rates ended up going in opposite directions, according to the latest Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Monitor.

The survey, which was released Tuesday, found the average rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages increased by 0.02 percentage points to hit 4.80 percent for the week. The increase was identical to the 0.02 percentage point jump the average rate for the long-term mortgage had seen one week earlier.

However, the average rate for 15-year FRMs fared better, dropping 0.03 percentage points to hit 4.19 percent for the week. The decline was slightly larger than the 0.02 percentage point decline the average interest rate experienced one week earlier.

Looking at 30-year FRMs state-by-state, Massachusetts residents received a double dose of bad news as their average rate saw the largest increase of 0.11 percentage points en route to 4.96 percent, which also was the highest rate for any state during the week.

While Texas saw the largest weekly decline in its average rate as if fell 0.14 percentage points to hit 4.88 percent for the week, Florida utilized a 0.08 percentage point decline in its average rate as it fell to 4.72 percent, the lowest rate of any state.

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