How to ensure changes in your employment status don’t end in debt problems.

It’s no secret that the paychecks you earn are a vital component in your ability to maintain your financial health and stability. Without income coming in just temporarily, you can find yourself stuck draining your savings and relying on credit cards to get by – leading to a high-risk situation where you can easily wind up facing financial distress.

With that in mind, Consolidated Credit has put together this section to help you overcome employment challenges that often lead consumers into problems with debt. A little work and the right strategy may help you face these challenges head on so you can maintain financial stability as you look for a new job.

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Debt-Free Job Transition Plan

Moving onto greener pastures can be an exciting time in your life, but it can also carry a fair amount of financial risk, too. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to help you make the jump to a new job without landing in debt. We cover three key transitions so you know how to plan ahead.

Transition successfully to a new job

Facing Unemployment with Going into Debt

Job loss doesn’t have to end in financial hardship! Even if the paychecks stop coming in, there are strategies you can use to maintain financial stability and stay out of debt as you look for another job. We offer 6 key tips to help you get through a period of unemployment with our finances intact.

Overcome the challenge of unemployment

Income Loss & Reduced Hours at Work

As companies streamline operations and weather economic changes, they adjustments they make can have a real impact on your bottom line. If your employer has cut your hours or you’re facing a pay-cut at work, you need to take steps to adjust your budget and outlook to avoid problems with debt.

Address paycheck cuts to avoid debt

Surviving a Layoff

Unemployment is never easy, but there can be special considerations to work through if the job loss comes from a layoff. Whether your position was eliminated due to downsizing, outsourcing or a company closure, we have tips to help you avoid debt problems as you find a new opportunity.

Maintain stability following a layoff