Money Mantra

A daily money affirmation could be what you need to stay motivated.

Bringing change to your financial life is not always easy. The day-to-day grind of managing your money and controlling your household budget often wears you down. As a result, it can be challenging to move on to bigger and better things.

A money mantra allows you to keep a financial goal at the forefront of your mind. That makes it easier to take action to achieve the results you want. So let’s look at how to create a personal money mantra that works.

What is a money mantra?

A money mantra is a simple statement of what you want to accomplish in your financial life. It can either drive you to make positive financial choices or keep you from making bad ones. It works similarly to a daily life affirmation. You state what you want to manifest and the act of keeping that thought in mind pushes you to act.

The elements of a good money mantra

  • It’s positive – You want to motivate yourself to act and this is usually best done with positive affirmations. Even if you’re trying to break a bad habit, you put a positive spin on it.
  • It’s financial – You want to focus on a specific area of your finances with a money mantra. Whether that goal is to eliminate debt, save money or stick to a budget, your mantra needs that financial goal to focus it.
  • It’s simple – A good mantra of any kind is something you can easily remember and repeat to yourself. If your mantra is too long or complex, you won’t be able to easily recall it throughout your day.

How to make an effective money mantra

  1. Start by thinking of a specific financial goal you’d like to accomplish over the next six months. For example, let’s say you want to save money.
  2. Now think of a financial habit that you can develop that will foster that goal.
  3. Then take that thought and turn it into an easily repeatable phrase.
  4. Repeat your mantra a few times to keep it in mind
  5. You can also choose to write your mantra down and post it places where you’ll see it often – on your bathroom mirror, your fridge or on a post-it at your desk at work.

Consolidated Credit’s Money Mantra Video Contest

One of our goals at Consolidated Credit is to help people achieve a better, more stable financial outlook. We believe that regardless of your income level or the challenges you face, you can achieve financial stability with the right strategy.

To support that mission, we’ve created our Money Mantra Video Contest. Simply record a short selfie video on your smartphone stating your personal money mantra. Then upload it to your video channel and send us a link or email it though the cloud. Once your entry is received, you could win a $250 gift card. A new winner is chosen every three months.

Winning video entry: December 2016

Winning video entry: March 2017