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Struggling with credit card debt?
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Rebounding from COVID-19: Finding the Best Debt Solution for YOU

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Thu , Aug 20 | 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm
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Online Service
Free Webinar: Which is the Perfect Debt Solution for You?

Understand options for debt relief, so you can rebound after COVID-19

Roughly 28 million Americans say that they were forced to take on credit card debt as a result of the COVID-19 financial crisis.[1]. As record unemployment rates and pay cuts continue, Americans are struggling to keep up with their bills and pay off their debt in case of a prolonged recession. The good news is that there is a range of solutions that can help minimize high-interest rates on credit card debt, so it’s easier to pay off.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How debt management programs work and why they’re so popular
  • How debt settlement lets you pay off debt for pennies on the dollar
  • Why bankruptcy is not the end of your life
  • How you can conquer your debts on your own

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The webinar will begin promptly at 1:00 PM (EST). View System Requirements.

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