Code Red RX: The Impact of Financial Stress on Your Health

Money is the biggest source of stress for Americans. Here’s what you can do…

If you’re feeling stress about your finances, you’re not alone. Money is the biggest source of stress for Americans – 64% of Americans say that money is at least somewhat stressful for them, according to the American Psychological Association.[1] And 72 percent of Americans say they’ve been stressed about their finances at least once in the past month.

Financial Stress can impact your work performance, cause fights in your home and lead to serious physical and psychological issues, including depression and heart problems. This on-demand webinar can teach you how to overcome financial challenges and minimize the impact of financial stress.

Key takeaway: Talk to someone to reduce the impact of financial stress

Just like communication is key for your emotional and mental health, so it is for your financial health. Money problems can easily start to feel overwhelming. It can lead to physical issues, such as high blood pressure and insomnia. It can also exacerbate mental health challenges, like depression and anxiety.

That’s why you should reach out for help if you start to feel financially stressed. There may be solutions you haven’t considered to overcome the financial challenges you’re facing. A certified financial counselor can help you explore options you may not know about, like consolidation. They can help take the fear out of financial solutions that are often vilified, like declaring bankruptcy. An unbiased opinion can also help you get some perspective on your situation and a fresh set of eyes may be able to see things you can’t when you’re in the thick of things.

We’re here to be your advocate!

At Consolidated Credit, we’re here to be your advocate and your support system when you face financial challenges. We don’t pass judgment. In fact, many of our counselors have gone through the same types of situations that our clients face. If the impact of financial stress is weighing on you, don’t hesitate to call for help.