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Wise Up for Teens! – Financial Education Course for Teens

Get Wise to the Ways of Personal Finance

Wise Up Owl encourages teens to learn personal finance

Learning how to budget, save, and use credit wisely is essential if you want to achieve financial independence. This interactive course is designed to help you do just that!

Wise Up for Teens will teach you all the key skills you need to live your best financial life. You’ll learn important financial terms, get step-by-step instructions, and learn about common money mistakes that you need to avoid.

Each lesson begins with a quick survey where you will share your thoughts on the subject. As you work your way through each lesson, you’ll get helpful worksheets that will make it easier to define and organize your financial life. Then, at the end of each lesson, you’ll take a quick quiz to test your knowledge.

So, let’s get wise to the ways of personal finance!