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The fun, easy way to build financial knowledge so you can achieve stability.

Financial literacy is the ability to understand key financial topics that you need to be successful as a consumer. From basic budgeting to maximizing your credit score, the more knowledge you have the easier it is to avoid issues. With that in mind, Consolidated Credit introduces Credit Dojo, an online learning series that helps you better understand key financial topics needed to be successful.

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What is Credit Dojo?

Credit Dojo is a 16-part interactive online learning course that covers a wide range of financial topics. It starts with basic budgeting and saving techniques. Then it moves up to debt and credit management, before finishing off with a special series on mortgages and homeownership.

The interactive course series includes videos that introduce each topic and then reviews the material covered in the test at the end of each lesson.

Learning topics covered by Credit Dojo:

  1. Building a Well-Fortified Budget
  2. The Art of Saving
  3. Smart Spending Jutsu
  4. Daily Defense against Debt
  5. Slicing Down Credit Card Debt
  6. The Way of the Debt Consolidator
  7. Fight the Good Fight with a Debt Management Program
  8. Unlocking the Wisdom of Credit Counseling
  9. Credit Reports: A Shrine to Your Credit
  10. Keeping Your Credit Shrine Clean
  11. Become a Credit Score Master
  12. The Path to Retirement
  13. Mortgage Mastery
  14. The Road Home
  15. A Handbook for Home Equity
  16. Forging Ahead from Foreclosure

Who are these interactive courses for?

This interactive course series is designed to help anyone who wants to enhance their financial knowledge. Clients who work with Consolidated Credit often express the desire to better deal with financial challenges that came up.

Lack of knowledge can also work against those who are in debt and need to understand their options to get out. Many clients also report that they’re unsure and often delay calling for help because they’re worried about getting scammed. These courses help you understand debt solutions, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Still Need Help?

If you’re struggling to achieve financial stability in the face of challenges with debt we can help. Call Consolidated Credit today at 1-888-294-3130 to request a free debt and budget analysis from a certified credit counselor. Together, you can make a plan to overcome your current challenges with debt so you can achieve stability. Then, with the right education resources like Credit Dojo, you can build better financial habits for the future.