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Consolidated Credit Reviews

Independent credit counseling reviews brought to you by Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs

Working with a credit counselor is a relationship that should be built on trust. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable and confident in your credit counseling team. Otherwise, you don’t get the peace of mind that you’ve found the right solution for credit card debt relief. These Consolidated Credit reviews come from independent, third-party review website(s), Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs.

Meet Three Families Helped by Consolidated Credit’s HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Team

Achieving the American Dream of Paying Off Debt to Buy a Home

As a first-generation immigrant, Maria dreamed of buying a home for her family, but credit card debt held her back. See how Consolidated Credit helped make her dream a reality.
  • Achieving the American Dream of Paying Off Debt to Buy a Home
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    Achieving the American Dream of Paying Off Debt to Buy a Home
  • The Allen Family Buys Their First Home
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    The Allen Family Buys Their First Home
  • How the Ehrlich Family Saved Their Home
    How the Ehrlich Family Saved Their Home

More Credit Counseling Reviews from Happy Clients of Consolidated Credit

Success Story

Kevin B. from Nashville, TN

“4 1/2 years ago my wife and I had $34,000 in Credit card Debt. Last month through Consolidated Credit we paid off our last credit card and we are now Debt free, it’s a great feeling and it’s all thanks to them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

Success Story

Jennifer H. from Aloha, OR

“After years of making bad decisions Consolidated Credit taught me to make the right ones. All I can say is this company cares. You can trust them and once you get started the sleepless nights and worry end. ”

Success Story

Patricia C. from Hartwell, GA

“Due to multiple medical bills and pay cut, I was quickly heading into inability to make monthly payments on anything. I was faced with filing bankruptcy. Consolidated Credit, Inc was recommended to me by a friend and they were every bit of help that I was told they would be. I have recommended them to others that I know that need help due to medical bills and job cuts. ”

Success Story

Bruce D. from Derry, NH

“We have had good experiences with Consolidated Credit, it has really helped learning to control our spending habits and get our financial house in order. ”

Success Story

Alex P. from Miami Lakes, AL

“I would like to say Thank you for the outstanding service that you gave me. I started the program just four short years ago and in March I will be debt free. With your help in setting better plans with my creditors I was able to accomplish this. It was hard work, but it was all worth it at the end. The Consolidated credit counselors are the best; they answered all of my question(s) and helped me every step of the way. ”

Success Story

Patrick S. from West Lawn, PA

“My wife and I had an excellent experience with Consolidated Credit and have gotten ourselves out of close to $35,000 of debt. ”

Success Story

Bernice C. from Kendall Park, NJ

“I never would have paid off three credit cards (which I consolidated) as fast as I did, had I done it myself. Being on a structured program really kept me on track and has helped me be aware of out of control spending going forward. ”