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Challenges with debt can make it tough to maintain a budget and save effectively, but these financial skills are often the key to achieving stability. The more you know about how to manage your money, the less reliant you’ll be on credit cards.

Personal finance doesn’t have to be so confusing. Here’s a simple, 60-second overview of everything you need to know about managing your money.
Good finance is essentially a really skillful balancing act. You have to make sure you’re spending, debt, and savings are proportional to your income level. Otherwise, you wind up with debt problems and can’t reach your financial goals, like retiring on time, buying a house, or sending your kids to college without the burden of high student loan debt.
Savvy finance also means taking steps to maximize your credit score. As the most important number in your financial portfolio, an excellent credit score means less money spent on interest and the best terms on loans, including your mortgage.
So whether you’re just starting out or you’re already enjoying your golden years, good finance is essential for a stable and successful life.

This guide is designed to help you develop the skills you need to overcome challenges with debt. If you have questions or you need help balancing your budget, call (844) 276-1544 to get a free no-obligation debt and budget evaluation.

Building a successful budget

Budgeting is essential for avoiding debt and achieving your financial goals. It’s the cornerstone of a stable financial outlook. This guide will teach you how to build and maintain a budget step-by-step.

Budgeting made easy »

Free budgeting worksheets

More budgeting resources

Budgeting for Kids. Budgets are cool. Show them the ropes early.

Budgeting for Kids

Teaching your kids how to budget sets them up for success later in life.

Learn More
Budgeting 101 for College Students

College Students

Learn how to build a budget that will help you get through school.

Get Started
Vacation on a Budget

Vacation Budgets

Take a debt-free vacation with a budget that doesn’t break the bank.

Learn How
Debt-Free Wedding Planner. Start your life together without the burden of debt.

Wedding Budget

Make a practical spending plan so you don’t start your relationship in debt.

Start Planning
Back to schoolbudgeting. Save money as your send your kids back to school.

Back to School

Send your kids back to school without sending your finances into a tailspin.

Set a Budget
Holiday Budget Guide. Enjoy the winter holidays without a debt hangover.

Holiday Budgeting

Make a plan to get through the most expensive time of year without debt.

Deck the Halls

What’s your money mindset?

The way you think about your finances, debt and budget can have a huge impact on your ability to manage your money successfully. Learn how your mindset affects your ability to achieve your goals.

Get a good money mindset »

Finding smart ways to save money

Saving money is essential for achieving your long-term goals, but it can be challenging to save when you have debt. The good news is that even with limited income, you can craft a saving strategy that will help you build momentum, so you can start saving consistently.

Start saving »

More resources for saving

Retirement Planning. Don't let debt delay your retirement saving goals.

Retirement Planning

Learn how to save money for your golden years while you’re in debt.

Retire on Time
Build Your Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Build an adequate financial safety net, so you can maintain stability.

Save Strategically
Setting SMART Goals


Set goals that give you a roadmap to success and milestones to target.

Investing Basics. Make your money work for you.

Investing Basics

Investing is essential if you want to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Get Started
Smart spending tips

Shop Smart to Save

Find easy tips that can help you cut costs and save on everyday expenses.

Shop Wisely
Get organized to reach your goals

Organize Your Savings

Learn how to divide and allocate your savings to achieve your goals.

Get Organized

If debt is holding you back from balancing a budget and achieving your goals, we can help.

Financial Advice for Specific Households

Some financial situations require specialized advice. Whether you’re a single mom trying to support two kids or you’re a Service Member trying to manage your money on active-duty, these guides can help you achieve stability. Learn how to overcome the unique challenges that you face.

Money Management for Women

Finance for Women

Learn how to overcome the unique financial challenges women face.

Take Charge
Finance for Couples

Finance for Couples

Get tips to successfully merge your finances with your significant other.

Work Together
family on beach

Family Finance

Find a range of resources to help you manage your family budget.

Achieve Stability
Money Guide for Single Parents

Single Parents

Manage your money as a single parent to support your household.

Prosper on 1 Income
Military Money Management

Military Families

Navigate the unique challenges that come with serving your country.

Military Money
Credit Matters for College Students

College & Credit

Learn how to make college affordable and manage student loans.

Gain Independence

Financial Planning for Major Life Events

Certain life events can seriously derail even the best-laid financial plans. Events like these often require a specialized strategy. In addition, planning for the unexpected can help you weather any financial storm that may come. These financial planning guides help ensure that you’re ready.

Financial planning to maintain stability »

Unemployment Money Guide

Unemployment Guide

Learn how to survive a layoff without creating serious debt problems.

Navigate unemployment
Disaster Planning for Your Money

Disaster Planning

Learn how to protect your finances and assets during a natural disaster.

Weather a storm
Marriage & Money

Marriage & Money

Have the right conversations with your fiancé about money and credit.

Merge Your Finances
Divorce, Debt & Your Credit

Divorce, Debt & Credit

Separate your finances and protect your credit following divorce.

Move Forward
Dealing with the Death of a Spouse

Death of a Spouse

Get tips to help you achieve stability after the death of a loved one.

Cope Financially
Talking to Your Aging Parents About Money

Talk to Aging Parents

Understand what issues you need to cover as your parents get older.

Start a Conversation

Still have questions about your finances? Ask our certified financial coaches!