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In 29 years, Consolidated Credit has helped over 10.2 million people find relief from credit card debt to achieve real financial stability

Credit card debt problems are running rampant in the U.S. today. Americans owe more than $840 billion, and we just keep adding more every year. But the truth is that most people aren’t taking on debt because they’re irresponsible. These days, most credit card debt comes from challenges like lack of income, emergency expenses, and out-of-pocket medical bills.

That’s why we believe that solving people’s challenges with credit card debt today requires more than just a program that can help them become debt-free. True financial stability takes education and application, and that’s what we help our customers do. Consolidated Credit is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit credit counseling agencies and we’ve spent over a quarter of a century helping people find financial freedom.

Consolidated Credit’s mission: To assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and professional counseling.

“Without financial education, financial stability is just a dream,”

Gary Herman, President of consolidated credit
5 stars

Very easy process

Very easy process. Reasonable payments and my credit rating went up.

Daniel Ray

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Alan was fantastic and...

Alan was fantastic and got the help I needed, thank you!


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I'm a fairly new member...

I'm a fairly new member and so far I'm pleased with the service.


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Answered all of my...

The associate called me and was able to answer all of my questions about my program....


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Such a relief

Such a relief. Proffesional.Thank you so very much. Lovely people:)


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So far so good…

So far they have been fabulous gradually getting debt paid


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Grateful this program is available. Very easy to apply and they are very...

Emily R

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Very happy with my...

Very happy with my service


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friendly and quick...

friendly and quick assistance


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The service is helpful...

The service is helpful God bless this staff 🙂


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Courtney was very...

Courtney was very pleasant, very knowledgeable and was very much willing to help.


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Gerwe returns

So satisfied that we are, again, seeking their help>


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When my credit cards...

When my credit cards interest went up to a point that I was just making minimum...


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I really like the way you are able to put all of your bills together

Margaret C. Ervng

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Advocating for consumers since 1993

It’s our job to be advocates for every client we work with. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help our clients become debt-free, by being a negotiator and a liaison with their creditors and a support system if they run into any trouble. That’s our core philosophy. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help people find better ways to deal with their debt, credit and money.

As the nation’s largest nonprofit credit counseling agency, Consolidated Credit has counseled over 10 million people who have faced challenges with credit card debt. We continue to be a leader in financial education, providing over 300 hours of education through workshops, webinars, and wellness fairs each year.

In 2008 when the housing market collapsed, we added a housing counseling department to help homeowners find solutions to avoid foreclosure. Our director worked with HUD and the FHA to establish programs like the Florida Hardest Hit Fund to help people avoid foreclosure, in spite of the high unemployment rates brought on by the Great Recession.

Financial education partnerships

Consolidated Credit is proud that we’ve partnered with over 500 nonprofit organizations, municipal groups, and government agencies to bring financial education to the people who need it most. We work with organizations like the United Way to help low-income families learn the skills they need to become financially stable. These partnerships allow us to provide financial literacy education to the underserved communities that need it most.

[On-screen text] United Way of Broward County
Kathleen Cannon, United Way of Broward County CEO: I would definitely recommend somebody to Consolidated Credit. Folks get into a great deal of difficulty with debt. So, they start charging on their credit cards, they’re overextended and that they don’t realize how long it really takes to get out of that predicament.
So, Consolidated Credit is one of the things, that you really come in and help people move past their debt. United Way, we work with our funded partners, our other nonprofits and often what we do is work with those organizations to bring Consolidated Credit in, so that Consolidated Credit can do seminars and workshops with the staff of those agencies.
And we have found that all of our partners working in nonprofit, we’re so busy taking care of clients and consumers and the community that sometimes we forget about taking care of ourselves. I know folks who have been tumbling out of control. It’s one call and they felt better. They came in, they met with people and worked through the coaching and really got great assistance. And I know that those folks have referred people as well.
If together we can work with our residents who are struggling, those residents will eventually become financially stable, will be consumers of service, will open businesses, will be blossoming and blooming. So, the synergy between United Way and Consolidated Credit is really community oriented.

  • S. Army OneSource and the Department of Defense at Southern Command work closely with Consolidated Credit provide financial education outreach to military Service Members and Veterans.
  • Our staff works closely with Junior Achievement local school districts in South Florida to provide financial education to youth.
  • We host and attend over 300 workshops and wellness fairs each year and offer free monthly webinars that cover a variety of financial topics.

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Why we focus on financial education

What we’ve learned in 27 years of credit counseling is that most financial challenges are rooted in the same thing. Most of us never learned about personal finance and how to make good, strategic decisions with our money when we were young. As a result, we all basically learn by trial and error. But financial errors cost people their money, their credit and the years it can take to recover.

So, while Consolidated Credit’s debt management program can help people get out of debt, the key to helping them stay that way is financial education. By learning how to budget, save, break credit dependence, and set achievable goals, people can meet the financial challenges they face.

We also strive to make financial education as fun, easy and as engaging as possible. From personal finance tips on people’s favorite social networks, to contests that give you a little incentive to learn.

Get details on Consolidated Credit’s latest contests »

Fostering financial wellness in the workplace

KOFE: Knowledge of Financial Education

Consolidated Credit created the Financial Wellness in the Workplace program to help employers provide financial education to their employees. From simple self-help publication libraries in office buildings, this program evolved into a full-scale benefits platform known as KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education).

KOFE takes a three-prong approach to building financial literacy. It’s the same strategy we use to help our members. Through a combination of online resources, classroom learning, and one-on-one coaching, anyone can learn how to manage their money effectively. Today, KOFE is used by private corporations, municipal agencies, school districts, financial institutions, and insurers to help their employees, members, constituents, and customers learn how to achieve and maintain long-term financial stability.

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Meet our team

Our leadership team collectively has over a century of experience in helping people achieve freedom from debt while building financial literacy. Click on the pictures below to learn more about each member.

Gary S. Herman
Hilton Sher
Brenda D. Horner
Ron Librea
April Lewis-Parks
Maria Gaitan, Director Housing Counseling and Business Development
Beatriz Hartman
Meghan Alard

Certified credit counselors

All of Consolidated Credit’s credit counselors are certified debt management professionals that maintain a strict code of ethics. When people first contact us, they work one-on-one with a member of this team to find the right solution and set up a budget.

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Client services representatives that really care

Once someone enrolls in a debt management program, our client services representatives (CSRs) are here to make sure everything goes smoothly. They answer questions and help members stay on track.

Meet Consolidated’s client services team »

HUD-approved housing counselors

From helping first-time homebuyers overcome the hurdles of achieving home ownership, to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and understand their equity, our HUD-approved housing counseling team helps people secure their part of the American Dream.

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Want to join the Consolidated Credit team? Send your resume to [email protected] or apply to be a CSR online now!

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