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Financial Education Center

Use Consolidated Credit’s free financial education resources to build financial literacy

Welcome to Consolidated Credit’s free Financial Education Center. At Consolidated Credit, we believe that education is the key to helping people achieve financial stability. So, we’ve created this library of resources to help you build financial literacy. You can browse through different types of resources or head to the bottom of the page to find resources arranged by topics, such as budgeting, saving and building credit.

The Weather & Your Wallet Webinar

Webinars and Workshops

Sign up for free monthly webinars that can help you learn how to manage your debt and credit effectively, as well as first-time homebuyer workshops.

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Budgeting Made Easy

Financial Education Videos

Watch your way to financial success with these free financial education videos that cover everything from budgeting and saving, to mastering credit.

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Financial Calculators

Use these free financial calculators to set the right strategies for paying off debt, buying a home or car, and making your money work for you.

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Credit Cards - What you need to know

Digital Library

Find free financial publications that cover nearly 50 unique topics, including guides for kids and teens, so you can learn better money habits as a family.

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Can Marriage and Money Mix? Infographic


Discover the latest consumer statistics on seasonal and trending financial topics. rtheget helpful tips to help you navigate each financial challenge.

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Consolidated Credit Courses: Wise Up For Teens!

Financial Education Courses

These interactive courses helps adults and teens master key financial topics. Learn everything from basic budgeting to how to save for college and retirement.

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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is essential if you want to be a successful money manager. Discover what financial literacy is and take a free test to see what you know.

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Featured Client Profile: Walter

Client Debt Stories

Hear from current clients and alumni about the challenges they faced with debt and how Consolidated Credit helped them become debt-free.

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How-to-Guide: How to get our of debt when your living paycheck to paycheck

How-to Credit Guides

Get step-by-step instructions on how to pay off debt and improve your credit, even if you’re facing issues like bad credit or living paycheck-to-paycheck.

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This is your guide to finding financial independence through credit conoslidation

Financial Resources by Topic

Looking to master a specific financial education topic? We’ve organized all our free resources, so you can find everything you need to learn in one place.

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