Financial Education Center

Use Consolidated Credit’s free financial education resources to build financial literacy

Welcome to Consolidated Credit’s free Financial Education Center. At Consolidated Credit, we believe that education is the key to helping people achieve financial stability. So, we’ve created this library of resources to help you build financial literacy. You can browse through different types of resources or head to the bottom of the page to find resources arranged by topics, such as budgeting, saving and building credit.

Watch our free on-demand vacation budgeting webinar

Debt-Free Vacation Budgeting

Don’t let high interest rate debt be the biggest souvenir from your trip! Learn how to budget for a fun, frugal vacation that doesn’t lead to debt.

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Take Down Credit Card Debt

If high-interest credit card debt is causing trouble for your budget, we have two methods of credit card debt reduction that can help you take control.
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Be Penny Wise Not Pound Foolish: Save Money Using Your Money

Smart Ways to Save Money Using Your Money

The are smart ways to save money using your money by choosing the right checking accounts, savings accounts and credit cards to fit your needs and spending habits. We also explain the right strategy for using your credit card account correctly to save money.
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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Test

Are you financially literate? Take this quick 20-question test to see what you know and where you need to study up to improve your understanding.

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30-Day FinLit Checklist

Not sure where to start improving your finances? Use this 30-day checklist to jumpstart your finances with a new activity each day.

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Financial Literacy Statistics

Americans lack financial literacy, often because most of us were never taught about finance in school. See where we stand and how you stack up.

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More Free Financial Resources

Personal Finance Infographics

Search our library of personal finance infographics to understand key financial topics and see the latest personal finance statistics.

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Personal Finance Guides

Navigate key life events and everyday finance with the help of Consolidated Credit’s free downloadable personal finance guides.

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Financial Education Course

Credit Dojo is Consolidated Credit’s free interactive financial education course. Take all 16 courses and become your very own Credit Master.

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Learn How To Budget

Learn how to build and maintain an effective budget to avoid debt and save money

Achieve Financial Stability

Balancing all your financial needs can be tricky, but balance is key to your success.

Smart Money Management

The right accounts and banking strategy can help avoid fees and build wealth faster.

Saving Money

Achieving your savings goals is easier with the right strategy and accounts.

Intro to Financial Planning

Making a practical financial plan can help you achieve your goals and save money.

Credit Score Basics

Knowing how credit scores work can be the key to achieving good credit.

Rebuilding Your Credit

Don’t let bad credit hold you back! Achieve the credit score you need in one year or less.

Using Credit Wisely

Using credit wisely can help you maintain good credit while avoiding debt.

Managing Debt

Managing debt correctly helps you pay it off fast and minimize interest charges.

Identity Theft Prevention

Protect your personal data and learn smart ways to prevent and address identity theft.

Finance for the Seasons

Making seasonal adjustments to your budget can be the key to staying on track.

Planning for Life Events

Plan ahead for unemployment, medical emergencies and other key life events.