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  • How Do Homebuyer Workshops Help First-Time Buyers?

    The homebuying process can be complex and even intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. HUD-approved homebuyer workshops help firs-time buyers learn about the process so they know how navigate it to get approved.

  • Do I Have to Close My Credit Cards When I Enroll?

    When you enroll in a debt management program it allows you to consolidate high-interest credit card debt into one low monthly payment, but there’s a tradeoff. Learn how the program impacts your ability to use your cards.

  • What Types of Debt Can I Consolidate?

    A debt management program allows you to consolidate debts into a single monthly payment at lower interest rates, but it won’t work for just any kind of debt. We tell you what can and can’t be included when you enroll.

  • How Do I Know If a Debt is Really Mine?

    When collectors start to call and send letters, it can be overwhelming – especially if you aren’t sure if the debts they’re asking about are even yours. We explain how to use your credit report to verify which debts you owe.

  • Can I Enroll If I’m Being Sued?

    Just because you’re getting sued over an unpaid debt, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck! Consolidated Credit’s President Gary Herman explains how you may still be able to enroll in a debt management program even with a lawsuit.

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