Personal Debt Stories

Stories of people overcoming challenges with credit card debt.

Americans have record-levels of credit card debt. We owe $482 billion to credit card companies.[1] Although every financial situation is unique, common themes run through the financial challenges that people face. These personal debt stories come from real clients of Consolidated Credit. They’ve shared their experiences with credit card debt in the hopes that it can inspire others facing similar situations.

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Credit Counseling Before Bankruptcy

If you can’t afford to get out of debt on your own, you may be deciding between credit counseling or bankruptcy. Learn how to decide which is right for you.

Working Hard but Still in Debt

If you're like Robert, you may be skeptical about how debt consolidation can help you get out of debt faster. Credit counseling helped him see the light.

Avoiding a Second Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is difficult, and Michael was considering filing twice before he got help from Consolidated Credit. Learn about his debt solution.

Maria – Recovering from Financial Abuse

Coerced debt happens when a partner runs up debt in your name without your consent. It ruins your credit and keeps you stuck. But there are solutions to help people recover from this financial abuse.

Walter – Paying Off Over $30,000 in Credit Card Debt

When household emergencies and vehicle repairs drove Walter’s debt up to $35,000, he knew he needed help. Consolidated Credit showed him how to pay off over $30,000 in credit card debt fast with a customized debt management program.