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Consolidated Credit hosts free monthly webinars in English on the second Wednesday of every month. (Clic aquí para obtener nuestra lista completa de webinars en español.)

Free Webinars On Demand

We encourage you to take advantage of live events whenever possible since they allow you to ask questions to grasp each financial topic presented. But if you can’t make a live webinar because of your busy schedule, don’t worry! Consolidated Credit offers on-demand webinars on past topics that are posted as they become available so you never have to miss out on the great information our financial coaches have to offer.



Consolidated Credit April webinar flyer; illustration of a home-shaped coin bank with a hand inserting money.

Conquering The Housing Crisis

What can you do when home prices are high but rents are even higher? Learn how to overcome barriers to homeownership, even in the wild 2023 housing market.

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Financial Spring Cleaning: Get your financial house in order

Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to clean out the financial clutter and make sure you’re on the right track. Learn how to review and organize your finances for maximum efficiency

Runtime: 18:09

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Watch Consolidated Credit's free Gen X retirement webinar on demand

The Gen X Retirement Guide

As the newest Sandwich Generation, Gen X consumers struggle to save effectively for their own retirement. This guide teaches you how to save for your golden years, even if you’re already over age 50.

Runtime: 8:48

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Affording College webinar

Affording College

Paying for college with student loans can be a huge burden on parents and students alike. Learn how to afford college without loans, and what you need to know if you take loans out.

Runtime: 13:44

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Go to "Prevent Identity Theft & Credit Fraud" video page

Prevent ID Theft & Credit Fraud

Learn how to take the right steps to avoid identity theft and credit fraud, and what to do if ID theft happens so you can recover quickly with less hassle.

Runtime: 25:10

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