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Youth Financial Literacy Resource Center

Helping kids and teens learn the skills they need for financial independence

Financial literacy” is the ability to understand key money and credit lessons so you can use them in your daily life. Basic skills like budgeting, saving money, and using credit are essential for financial independence. These resources can help you get there!

Money and Credit Guides

These guides are a great jumping-off point to learn about personal finance. They walk you step-by-step through key financial topics that matter in your life right now. Learning these lessons now will set you up for financial success later in life.

My First Budget: Learn How to Build a Budget

My First Budget

Budgeting for Kids and Teens

Do you have money goals or things you want to buy? Then you need a budget! Learn what a budget is and how to build one step by step.

Banking 101 for Teens: The Right Accounts Make Your Financial Life Easier

Banking 101

Learn about Basic Accounts

Getting your own checking and savings account is a key step to gain financial independence. Learn how to use these accounts.

Understanding Your Credit Card Statement

Credit Card Statements

Credit Card Statements

Don’t skip looking at your monthly credit card statements. It’s essential to track what’s happening with your cards.


Budgeting and Saving Worksheets

When it comes to managing your money, trying to “keep it all in your head” just doesn’t work. You need to write things out if you want to be successful. These downloadable worksheets can help!

Wise Up for Teens Interactive Course

Wise up owl

Wise Up for Teens is an interactive financial literacy course that will teach you all the skills you need to be financially independent. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Make a budget
  2. Save money
  3. Manage your money
  4. Use credit wisely

Each lesson includes helpful worksheets that will guide you through each topic and a quiz to make sure you have mastered each topic.

Get wise to the ways of finance »

Be Smart About Credit Cards

Credit cards are great tools that can help you achieve your goals when used correctly. But they can also ruin your financial life if you’re not careful! The credit professor will teach you everything you need to know to use credit cards wisely.

Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders

Consolidated Credit explains how to have better credit habits while also saving money. Checking the benefits of a credit card and convenience helps with spending as well as not taking on too many cards while being smart about what and how you spend.
  • Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders
    Now Playing
    Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders
  • How to Compare Credit Cards
    Up Next
    How to Compare Credit Cards
  • Using Credit Responsibly
    Using Credit Responsibly
  • Credit Tips to Live By
    Credit Tips to Live By

A Video Guide to Good Credit

A good credit score is essential when you’re an adult. Learning how credit scores and credit reports work now will make it easier to achieve a high score. Watch these videos to learn everything you need to know!

Game of Good Credit: Your Credit Score

Achieving and maintaining a good credit score and a clean credit profile is a constant game of strategy. By knowing what moves to take to build credit and what moves to avoid so you don’t damage your score, you can develop an effective credit management strategy that helps you hit and keep up the high credit score you really want.
  • Game of Good Credit: Your Credit Score
    Now Playing
    Game of Good Credit: Your Credit Score
  • How to Read a Credit Report
    Up Next
    How to Read a Credit Report
  • How Long Will Negative Items Affect You?
    How Long Will Negative Items Affect You?
  • Understanding Credit Inquiries
    Understanding Credit Inquiries
  • Repairing Your Credit for Free
    Repairing Your Credit for Free

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Youth Financial Literacy Test: How Much Do You Know About Money and Credit?

Which type of deposit offers the fastest access to money you get from paychecks?
How much of your income should you save each month?
What does the APR on a credit card determine?
True or false: If you are under age 21, you can’t get a credit card unless your parents co-sign for it.
What’s the best tool for managing your money?
Which score would be considered a good credit score?
True or false: You need a good credit score to qualify for student loans
What does it mean when you “overdraft” your checking account?
What type of credit card can you get if you don’t have good credit?
True or false: If you don’t make the payments on a car loan, they can take your car.