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What is the average cost of a wedding?

How much does a wedding cost? True love is more expensive than you think. Unfortunately for all those newly-engaged lovebirds out there, the average cost of a wedding is only getting higher.

As of 2016, the wedding industry in the United States was worth $72 billion. The cost of a wedding is as much as the sticker price on an automobile. Couples go to great lengths to build their dream wedding, but is one day of celebration really worth taking on so much debt? There are many costs involved that you need to prepare for. When you plan your wedding, your budget and all of the components you need to fund should be at the forefront of your mind.

After the expense of the engagement, you have to worry about planning your actual wedding. There’s lots of pressure to have a big bash. After taking a look at these numbers, though, you’ll want to pick a budget and stick to it. Think your wedding guests are in the clear financially because they are just attending? Think again. Even the cost of attending a wedding has gone up! And after the party is over, you still aren’t finished. Honeymoons cost nearly $4000 on average.

what is the average cost of a wedding
what is the average cost of a wedding

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