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Money and the Military

Make the right financial decisions now to secure your future after the military.

Deployment, periodic moves, separation from family and the daily rigors of life impact military personnel and their families on a regular basis. And these stressful situations can interrupt or even delay financial strategies, which could lead to debt, a lack of financial stability or poor planning for the future.

Consolidated Credit wants you to avoid those problems by following this practical guide. You’ll learn day-to-day basics about bill paying, valuable housing options, secret strategies to increase your credit score, industry-proven methods to save for retirement and tips for veterans.

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Preparing for Deployment and Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

This consists of two sections.

Clipboard with paper
  1. Preparing for deployment
    Making preparations for deployment consists of many things. Here are some of the action items covered in this section:
    • Prepare a Family Care Plan
    • Review your finances
    • Talk to a tax professional
    • Review all important documents
    • Examine insurance situation
  2. PCS Preparations
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    If you receive orders to relocate, many issues must be covered in order to make it a smooth and financially productive transition. These include:
    • Scheduling a meeting with your relocation manager
    • Contact finance office
    • Ensuring banking services are continuous
    • Evaluating insurance needs
    • Evaluating medical needs
    • Checklist


Housing is extremely important to military personnel and their families. It could be the difference between a rewarding experience and a stressful experience while stationed on a base. Read this to find out about:

  • Buying vs. renting
  • Living on base
  • Housing allowance
  • Mortgage basics
  • Service Members Civil Relief Act (SMCRA)

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Credit Cards

Becoming better acquainted with credit cards and credit in general is necessary if you want to become financially secure now and in the future. Some of the items addressed in this section include:

Credit Cards
  • Reviewing the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SRCA)
  • Learning about credit reports and credit scores
  • The importance of paying on time
  • How to deal with debt
  • Establishing credit

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It takes hard work to secure a happy and fulfilling retirement. And that work starts now. You will learn about:

Military Crate
  • Money management skills
  • Strategies for saving a nest egg for emergency situations
  • Retirement choices such as Thrift Savings Plans (TSP), Roth TSP, IRAs
  • Life and health insurance replacement once you’ve retired

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Veterans often forget how many benefits they qualify for. If you’re a veteran take advantage of these benefits by using this guide. It will also give you tips on how to adapt to civilian life again. It covers:

Gold Ribbon
  • List of benefits
  • Tax tips for veterans
  • Apply for college
  • Finding a job

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