Credit Score

Our experts answer all of the questions you have about credit scoring and how your score impacts your outlook.

Your credit score might just be the most important number in your financial portfolio. It determines how easy or hard it is for you to qualify for loans and new lines of credit so you can reach your financial goals. It also determines how much you’ll pay on your debts with interest added, which can make or break your financial outlook.

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    • How Can I Protect My Identity for the Holidays?

      As you spend and charge more for the holidays, there is also an increased risk of identity theft and credit card fraud. In this video Ask the Expert, Gary explains how you can protect your personal data from theft to avoid credit problems.

    • How Do I Rebuild My Credit Score?

      If past mistakes still haunt you in the form of bad credit, Financial Education Director April Lewis-Parks helps you understand how to go through the credit repair process and then take steps to build your way to a better credit score.

    • Do Credit Scores Merge after Marriage?

      What happens to credit scores when a good credit consumer marries someone with bad credit? If you’re walking down the aisle soon and want to know what happens to your credit score, we give you the details so you know what to expect.

    • Credit Score Factor: Types of Credit

      Although “types of credit held” isn’t the biggest factor in determining your credit score, it still has an impact so it’s important to understand what it means. We explain this key scoring factor to help you achieve the best score possible.

    • No Credit Card, No Credit History

      If you’ve never had a credit card, do you actually have a credit report? We help credit-free consumers know what kind of information may be kept in their profile, so they can understand how they may have credit history without any credit use.