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My name is Mona Akers and I’m a Customer Service Supervisor, my name is Jamel and I’m a Certified Credit Counselor, I’m Maria Gaitan Director of Housing Counseling, I’m Kim and I’m a Quality Assurance Manager.

I’ve been prompted, moved to different positions, different departments, each time I move I learn more and I’m given more responsibility.

I started with the company in August of 2009 as a financial counselor and segwayed into housing counseling as we built the housing counseling department.

I started as a receptionist in 1998 and I moved 6 months after to customer service, then 2 years after I became a team leader, and 3 years after I became a supervisor.

After I was a counselor, I did quality control and I worked with the marketing department for 2 years and now I’ve been a supervisor for a year and a half.

So in the 8 years, I’ve been promoted a few times already, I started in 2008 as a customer service representative, I worked in that department for about 4 to 5 years, got moved to a special team representative, a little more responsibilities and duties, and from there I got promoted to the Canada department, and from there I got promoted to the team leader supervisor position.

The most rewarding part of the job is really helping people to achieve the goal that they have set for themselves, sometimes it’s even helping them identify what that goal is, sometimes people have the wrong idea on what that goal should be, and helping them identify it and finding a way to achieve it is the most rewarding thing we can do.

The people we’ve helped hearing them say: “Oh my god, you’re a god send” and “Your company is the best” and “I don’t know what I would do without Consolidated”. Every day you leave here it’s like wow I’ve helped someone.

Well this is a very satisfying job, I actually received an email this morning from a client that made me really smile, that she completed the program, and that she was thanking me for helping her.

It’s the best feeling in the world to know that you’re helping somebody with something that’s really true to their life, like everybody has finances so you’re able to organize the client and get them on the proper path and just hearing the appreciation from them is what you work for.

I feel very rewarding that I could help a person that’s in debt and person that needs our help.

Helping our clients get out of debt, is helping their credit, helping them possibly getting a home, possibly help get their kids through school.
It’s probably going to be the best job you’ll ever have as far as life experiences because everybody has finances, everybody has to work, you have some people to take care of, families to take care of, it’s shows you how to budget and organize yourself, and get things into proper order. That’s what I’ve mainly learned from this job over my years.

It’s very important to work for a company that builds great culture, and nothing says a great culture more than, an organization that’s a leading organization of what they do and helping people, but also keeps people for a very long period of time.

You don’t feel alone, your part of an organization that values and respects you and will do everything it can to make you move forward.

I’ve been here a long time, and a lot of my coworkers have been here a long time, no one wants to leave, so it’s come work here and you’ve got yourself a career.

I spend 9 hours here, you know, you get close to these people, you really do, and again it’s a great place to work, there’s no hostility.

Consolidated Credit we’re a family.
Here at Consolidated Credit we’re family.
Here at Consolidated Credit we’re family.
At Consolidated Credit we’re family.
Here at Consolidated we’re a family.

Attention Customer Service Professionals

Client Services Representative

The Bilingual Client Services Representative is responsible for delivering a superior customer service experience to all clients. This includes:

  • Researching caller transactions
  • Processing caller requests
  • Helping callers understand their account information
  • Providing issue resolution

We prefer that you have at least one year of experience in credit and/or collections, financial, or call center environment. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively both in orally and in written forms are also beneficial. In addition, the knowledge and use of PC Systems and MS Office applications is a must. Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred but not required.