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April is Consolidated Credit Month in the City of Plantation!

Written by:
Director of Education and Corporate Communications
The City of Plantation issued this proclamation declaring April as Consolidated Credit Month

Consolidated Credit is proud to be recognized for our work in expanding local financial literacy.

On April 1st, Plantation’s City Council issued a proclamation, declaring April as “Consolidated Credit Month” In the City of Plantation. Consolidated Credit is honored to be recognized for, “providing financial education to assist Americans to solve their money management problems.”

Founded in 1993, Consolidated Credit has grown into one of the nation’s largest credit counseling nonprofits, helping over 10.2 million people achieve financial security – from credit card debt relief to housing counseling. The organization has been based in the City of Plantation since 2001.

For City Council member Nick Sortal, it isn’t just the location that matters.

“We want informed residents who spend their money wisely, because the more financial literacy you have, the better your city is going to be. So, we appreciate Consolidated Credit. They’ve even held seminars and workshops here. Thanks to Consolidated Credit, we’re going to end up with a better city.”

“We’ve always considered the City of Plantation to be more than just our home,” Consolidated Credit President Gary Herman says, “They’ve been our partner in helping not only the residents here but across South Florida. Our goal is to educate our communities and we want everyone to embrace what Plantation’s leaders have already done.”

Consolidated Credit Outreach and Community Support Programs

Helping clients overcome financial challenges is only half of what we do. Consolidated Credit strives to be an active member of the community. We support national and local nonprofits, in addition to partnering with organizations to provide essential financial education resources to those in need. Below, you can see some of the programs we offer to South Florida residents and virtually to people around the country.

Florida Homebuying Fair

One of the programs we take the most pride in doing is our Florida Homebuying Fair. The Fair has been hosted three times at Consolidated Credit’s home office in the City of Plantation. Designed to help homebuyers better understand the process of buying a home, this program is coming back this year on June 4th for National Homeownership Month in June. The event will run from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Please call 1-800-435-2261 for more information or to register for this upcoming event.

Digital Library

Consolidated Credit has a library of nearly 50 financial education publications that are available in both English and Spanish. From Affording College to Women & Money: Finance for Women, we have guides covering everything from basic budgeting and saving, to buying a home and planning for retirement.

Consolidated Credit partners with cities like the City of Plantation to provide publication libraries in public spaces. That way, residents have easy access to financial education materials. In 2020 when the pandemic limited the use of public spaces, Consolidated Credit moved the library online, creating a digital library that’s available to people for free from anywhere in the world.

Business $ense Boot Camp

Consolidated Credit has the pleasure of partnering with Comerica Bank, to host a small business workshop called the Business $ense Readiness Boot Camp. This 6-part series teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs everything they need to successfully start and grow a business.

Consolidated Credit and Comerica bank have hosted several of these workshops in the City of Plantation, as well as other communities in South Florida. During the pandemic, these workshops were hosted online to help business owners who were facing the challenge of owning and operating local businesses during the pandemic.

Now in 2022, Consolidated Credit and Comerica are excited to host a new in-person workshop series in the City of Plantation. The dates will be announced soon here on our website, through our newsletter, and through our social networks. So, make sure to follow us and subscribe to learn about the latest events!

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