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Financial literacy refers to your ability to understand key financial topics that a crucial for your everyday life. This virtual library allows you to explore over 40 topics so you can build financial literacy for free. The guides cover everything from basic budgeting and saving, to buying a home and planning for retirement. If you have questions or would like a free consultation to find better ways to manage your finances, call (844) 276-1544.

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Affording College

Don’t let the high cost of school lead to student loan debt! This free guide makes affording college easier so you can avoid debt problems after graduation.
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Banking 101

This free guide walks kids and teens through the basics about banking. Learn how to use checking and savings accounts while avoiding fees.
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Banking Basics

If you've avoided bank accounts in the past or had accounts closed for too many fees, this guide helps you learn better banking techniques.
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Don’t let overspending lead to debt problems! This free budgeting guide teaches you how to build a household budget that works.
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Buying a Home

This free homebuyer's guide helps you learn the right steps to take to buy a home, with three key questions to answer to ensure you're ready to buy.
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Credit Cards

Credit cards can be an effective financial tool, but only when used correctly. Learn how to use credit without inviting debt problems.
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Cutting Food Costs

This free guide helps you reduce food costs, whether you're cooking at home or dining out. Learn to set a budget that won't eat your income.
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Disaster Planning Guide

Financial considerations should be a key part of your annual disaster planning preparedness plan. This guide helps ensure your finances weather the storm.
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Divorce and Your Credit

The financial impact of divorce can be catastrophic on your credit score if you don’t take steps to ensure the separation doesn’t lead to debt problems.
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Identity Theft

Don’t let identity theft cost you time and money! This free ID theft prevention guide helps you avoid fraud and fight back when it happens.
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Money Mistakes

Learn about the five most common money mistakes that people make. Learn how to avoid them and how to recover quickly if they happen.
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Predatory Lending

This free guide can help you understand what predatory lending is, how to recognize it, and what to do if you think you are a victim.
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Retirement Planning

Learn how to strategic retirement planning can help you enjoy your golden years without the burden of debt, even if you face challenges like limited income.
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Shop Smart and Save

Use this free guide to learn how to shop smart so you can save money and avoid debt. When it comes to your budget, little actions add up to big savings.
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Surviving a Layoff

Learn how to handle your finances after a layoff to minimize credit card debt and kee your finances stable as you look for a new job.
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