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In the summer of 2019, Consolidated Credit partnered with Comerica Bank and the City of Riviera Beach to provide a 6-part small business readiness certification program to small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups looking to establish themselves in Palm Beach County. See highlights from the event.
  1. Small Business Readiness Certification Program

    Small Business Readiness Certification Program In the summer of 2019, Consolidated Credit partnered with Comerica Bank and the City of Riviera Beach to provide a 6-part small business readiness certification program to small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups looking to establish themselves in Palm Beach County. See highlights from the event.

    Maria Gaitan, Consolidated Credit Director of Community Development: The business readiness certification training, sponsored by Comerica Bank was presented by Consolidated Credit in partnership with the City of Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency to give local small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups the knowledge, the tools and the resources to build a sound and successful enterprise.

    The attendees learned how to create a business plan, about legal and accounting principles, about marketing and, of course, how to utilize social media. They learned about alternative financing and how to do business with local government.

    At Consolidated Credit, we believe that when we educate, promote and strengthen small businesses, we empower the individuals, their families and the community. We thank all the presenters and congratulate the graduates. Thank you.

    Annetta Jenkins, Director of Neighborhood Services: Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency: My name is Annetta Jenkins. I’m the director of neighborhood services for the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. I connect residents to opportunities and this class is one of the best examples that I could think of that does that.

    Working at the CRA, we’re focused on economic development and with economic development, we should be fostering small business. I think this program is important because we do things on a grassroots level. I think that if you come back here in five years, when we have shiny new buildings, when we have revitalized neighborhoods, that you will see a vibrant, vibrant small business core.

    Irvin Ashford, Comerica Bank Sr. Vice President of Community Development and External Affairs & National Director of Financial Education: I’m Irvin Ashford, Senior Vice President of External Affairs for Comerica Bank. I happen to also be the National Director of Financial Education for Comerica. I think programs in Riviera Beach are necessary and I think it’s good for the community. Comerica is in the business of helping people be successful. That also includes helping people be successful in small business and financial education.

    So, this program is very appropriate for not only Comerica but for the neighborhood. It’s very much a situational business sense program. We don’t do what Comerica wants you to do. We do what you say you need done.

    Bruce Lewis, LB Limited & Associates, Inc President: Hi, my name is Bruce Lewis, the President of LB Limited and Associates Strategic Public Relations. The business readiness course and training curriculum is very comprehensive. And these small businesses are challenged to the tilt on how much the really want to be viable business owners – both sustainable within their community and sustainable within their business operations.

    This curriculum is so intense that each of these students have to make a commitment and they come to the table with a lot of courage and desire. We got from the business plan formation to financial schemes to projections to marketing to help them speak publicly through our pitch platform contest. And at the end of the day, they all are very, very confident in what they’re doing, even when they start and [are] not quite sure of what they want to do. When they leave this coursework, they have a clear path to success.

    Thanks to Consolidated Credit, who put this program together and presented this program on behalf of the City of Riviera Beach CRA and sponsored by Comerica, these students how have a leg up and have an advantage to be competitive, self-sustaining small businesses within the City of Riviera Beach.

  2. 2019 Financial Literacy Month Breakfast

    2019 Financial Literacy Month Breakfast On April 5th, Consolidated Credit hosted our 5th annual Financial Literacy Breakfast at our home offices in Plantation, Florida. In this video, we talk to some of the attendees and our financial education partners about the importance of bringing financial literacy education to people in all walks of life.

    [On-screen text] 5th Annual Financial Literacy Month Celebration 2019

    Denise Horland, City of Plantation Councilmember: Most of the kids that graduated from high school, they have no idea how they’re going to pay for college, how to set up a bank account, how they’re going to survive in the real world. So, I think it’s incredibly important that we start that financial education at a young age.

    Nick Sortal, City of Plantation Councilmember: The next step in an education plan is like everything else, and that’s sharing information. Nowadays, this [holds up smartphone] is the way people communicate, so if we share things on social media, we communicate one-to-one with people and help them with little things. After a while, you become much more skilled and more financially literate.

    Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit: It’s about Financial Literacy Month, it’s about thanking you for helping us do the things that we need to do to drive as individuals, as companies, and for our community. So, thank you again, very much.

    Frank Pizzo, Academy of Finance at Deerfield Beach High School: Consolidated Credit has done an excellent job of bringing an array of subjects that match my curriculum. So, I can set up with them a chapter that I’m working on, maybe how to avoid credit card scams and then they can come in and make a presentation, and then the kids can really see that this is real life. You know, they hear it from me, they want to believe it, but when an expert comes into the classroom and says, “You need to do this or else.” They really stand up and listen.

  3. Subscribe to Learn and Earn

    Subscribe to Learn and Earn Consolidated Credit is encouraging clients and alumni to take advantage of the free financial education videos available on YouTube with our Subscribe to Learn and Earn Contest. This video announces the first winner and explains how debt management program clients and graduates can get in on the next round to win $250.

    [On-screen text] Announcing the Consolidated Credit Subscribe to Learn & Earn Contest Winner!

    So, for the last three months we’ve been running a campaign to get you…

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  4. Martin Luther King Day Parade

    Martin Luther King Day Parade This year Consolidated Credit and BB&T came together to provide finanical education and literacy for those that attended the MLK parade. The primary goal was to educate community members on how to prepare to buy a home and become mortgage-ready.

    [On-screen text] Martin Luther King Day Parade 2019: A financial literacy partnership

    Thomas Bambenek, Regional Mortgage Manager – BB&T: The main role for my side of the bank to be here today is for mortgage financing and to provide good housing to people in our community. By bringing the BB&T and working with Consolidated Credit, we think we could expose the community to the advantages we can bring to them and homeownership.

    Maria Gaitan, Director of Community Outreach – Consolidated Credit: We at Consolidated Credit are proud to be a financial education partner with BB&T. Their support and commitment to educate the communities they serve is a great example of corporate leadership.

    [On-screen text] Bring Financial Education to your Community!

    Contact us Today: [email protected], 954-388-9077

  5. SMART Cookie

    SMART Cookie Consolidated Credit joins other companies and nonprofit organizations to impart important knowledge to the Girl Scouts of America, so they can be prepared for the future. Consolidated Credit provided free resources so Girl Scouts could earn their financial literacy badge at this SMART Cookie event in 2019.

    [On-screen text] S.M.A.R.T Cookie: Get Smart Register Today! Savvy – Motivated – Artistic – Responsible – Technical

    Consolidated Credit provided resources to the Girl Scouts to earn their Financial Literacy Badge.

    Lisa Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida: It’s so critical that girls learn budgeting skills at an early age, which is one of the beautiful things about the cookie sale. They start to work on budgets very early in the year. They talk about the kinds of things, activities that they want to participate in. They create a budget for what it’s going to cost to do that. And that helps them determine how many cookies they’re going to sell.

    And that really just leads into a successful life, because everything is about making plans, saving your money, and budgeting appropriately, so you can do the things you want to do.

    So, we’re so happy that Consolidated Credit is here to help our girls learn these really valuable skills that will serve them, not just through the cookie sale, but really all their lives.

    Rebecca Schaffer, Girl Scout Director of Sponsorships and Community Partnerships: It’s really important for the girls to learn about budgeting and we thank Consolidated Credit for teaching the girls these essential skills. Because they take it with them, not only in the cookie sale, where they can give change and work out numbers in their head. But it goes with them for the rest of their lives.

    Girl Scouts: Consolidated!

    [On-screen text] Consolidated Credit: When debt is the program, we are the solution

  6. Florida Homebuying Fair

    Florida Homebuying Fair On January 19, 2019 Consolidated Credit hosted the second annual Florida Homebuying Fair at our home offices in Plantation, Florida. This free event gives prospective homebuyers the opportunity to connect with all the professionals they need to successfully buy a home, from mortgage lenders and title companies to real estate agents and property appraisers.

    [On-screen text] 2019 2nd Annual Homebuying Fair presented by Consolidated Credit

    Rodney Baltimore, Radio Personality Hot 105 FM: This lady right here [Maria Gaitan, Consolidated Credit Director of Housing] is doing some wonderful work, and that gentleman over here, this is Barry [Rothman, Consolidated Credit Housing Counseling Program Manager]. These people can help you and if they can’t help you directly, they can guide you to the appropriate parties.

    Jeff Martin, Radio Personality Easy 93.1 FM: This is a smorgasbord of Realtors, we have mortgage brokers and inspectors, all kinds of things.

    Jeannette Perdomo, Action Title Agency Vice-President: I am here today to educate everyone about the homeowner’s process. We want to tell them step-by-step how we can help them.

    Andrew Roopchand: Goldstar Mortgage Loan Originator: The homebuying process is typically a scary thing for people that haven’t experienced it before. Coming to things like this and learning and just being more knowledgeable with what comes with buying a home. It’s just really good for the community.

    Thais Sullivan, Valley National Bank CRA Community Lending Officer: As a community leader, it’s our responsibility to teach, to work with, to live and to help our communities to grow.

    Barnaby Robles, Wells Fargo Mortgage Brand Manager: And we hope as you come out here today and you learn from all the different vendors what some of the opportunities are and benefits of homeownership that we inspire you, we educate you and we enable you to become a homeowner.

    Oscar Echeverria, Owner of GAIA Construction, Inc: We’re here to help the first-time homebuyers in making sure that they get the property that they deserve and in the circumstances that are right in order to do a proper closing.

    Bobbie Sera, Gold Keys Int. Realty Relator: Our goal is to give you the experience that you need, the education you need and give you the path to owning one day. Because again, a lot of us are wasting money every day just renting. The goal of life should be one thing: to own something and leave generational wealth.

    Yasi Luna and Angelina Massa, Broward County Appraiser Community Outreach Specialists: We’re here to educate the public, if they have general questions, even if you haven’t purchased your house, it’s still good to know.

    Martine Lebel, Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Lender: I think it’s very important for first-time homebuyers to be educated about the process. So, I love giving my time to help assist in that process.

    Lou Silver, Owner of Mortgage Solutions: Hi, I’m Lou Silver with Mortgage Solutions. We’ve been in the financial services industry for over 30 years. Mortgage Solutions does everything from conventional, FHA, reverse mortgages, reverse purchases.

    Dawn Williams, Realtor with PRAG Realtors: It’s not an instantaneous process. Once they have the desire to be a homeowner, Consolidated Credit brings to the table the educational component and the assistance in terms of getting them ready, from credit to affordability.

    Cathy Albamonte, BB&T Loan Officer: We have a very strong relationship with Consolidated Credit. We do a lot of financial education, financial literacy classes for low to moderate income first-time homebuyers.

    Nayda Reyes, VAREP President: We were invited with Consolidated Credit, which we’ve done past events together. We focus on our homeless and our Veteran community.

    Paul Atkinson, PRA & Company Realtors Realtor: They’ve had a great turnout. I’m here every year. Maria is amazing. I really appreciate you and we always have a good turnout.

    Javier Cornavaca, Tropical Financial Credit Union Mortgage Lender: I personally do first-time buyer seminars with [Consolidated Credit] a couple times a year. What I’m looking forward to with this event is to assist a lot of buyers and guide them into purchasing their dream home.

    Homebuying Fair Attendee 1: Everybody wants to be a homebuyer. Everybody wants part of the American dream.

    Homebuying Fair Attendee 2: My experience was good. I got a lot of information.

    Jacaronda Bradley, Brand New Homeowner from Broward County, Florida: I would just like to express the importance to everyone: If you are going through the process to purchase a home, that it’s a must, that you be diligent, you be consistent, and you trust the process and listen to what Consolidated Credit has to tell you.


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