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Consolidated Credit Celebrates 25 Years of Financial Education

Adapting new technologies to help consumers build financial knowledge in an ever-evolving world.

May 17, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Since 1993 when Consolidated Credit first opened its doors they have been a leader in providing financial education. In the past 25 years, they have helped over 6.5 million people overcome debt and credit obstacles.

Each year the nonprofit distributes 50,000 educational publications, participates in nearly 300 events reaching more than 15,000 thousand people annually.  The goal is to provide education that empowers people to control their own financial destiny and overcome challenges.

“Without financial education, financial stability is just a dream,” says Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit. “We’re in the business of helping people to get out of credit card debt, but our mission is to help people get to a level where they don’t need debt relief services.”

This mission continues today as Consolidated Credit explores new ways to keep financial education at the forefront of consumers’ minds. “We’re excited to find ways to use new technologies that are changing the way people do everyday tasks,” Herman explains. “That way, financial education can adapt to become a habit that’s incorporated into people’s lives day-to-day. We believe that kind of accessibility will help us make even greater strides in improving financial literacy across America.”

While the technology has evolved, the goal is exactly what it was when Consolidated Credit launched its first financial education initiatives – to improve financial literacy so consumers can achieve and maintain long-term financial stability.

About: Consolidated Credit’s mission is to assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and professional counseling. Visit for more information.

Media Contact: April Lewis-Parks / [email protected] / 954-377-9344

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