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Consolidated Credit and the City of Plantation Present Financial Crisis Webinar Series

The Financial Crisis Webinar Series will be available starting Sept. 15.

A recent report from Lending Tree states that debt throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties is skyrocketing, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the situation. To provide residents with the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions, and, hopefully, provide some measure of financial relief, Consolidated Credit and the City of Plantation are offering a personal Financial Crisis Webinar Series.

“It is our hope that by offering this series of financial seminars, residents will have new financial tools and strategies for this challenging time” stated Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner.

Starting Sept. 15, City of Plantation residents will be able to view the Financial Crisis Webinar Series provided by Consolidated Credit. This series addresses the unique financial challenges Plantation consumers are facing and gives them solutions and resources to address their concerns.

Maria Romo, Community Outreach Manager at Consolidated Credit, sees this partnership as offering vital support for Plantation’s residents. “Mayor Stoner is very supportive of this partnership, and she’s excited for us to provide these financial literacy courses to the community.”

The Financial Crisis Webinar Series has six parts and will cover a variety of topics such as:

Saving Money During the COVID-19 Crisis: 13 Things to Cut Right Now

  • The importance of a budget
  • Essential vs. non-essential spending
  • 13 things to stop paying for right now

ID Theft and Scams Prevention

  • How to avoid Coronavirus scams
  • Types of ID theft
  • What to do if a victim

Code Red RX: The Impact of Financial Stress on Your Health & Solutions to the Problem

  • The medical and wellness impact of financial stress
  • The impact of financial stress on work
  • The C.A.L.M. solution to reduce financial stress

About: Consolidated Credit, a non-profit organization, has helped more than 10 million people overcome debt and financial challenges in 27 years. Their mission is to assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and counseling.

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