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Consolidated Credit Announces Final Webinars in the 2020 Series

As 2020 comes to a close, Consolidated Credit reaffirms its commitment to providing free, impactful financial webinars.

2020 was a redefining year for millions of Americans who lost their jobs and had to take stock of their finances. Consolidated Credit’s monthly webinars were adapted to help Americans deal with the COVID-19 pandemic-related financial challenges and the everchanging economic landscape.

On Oct. 14, the 2020 Holiday $urvival Guide webinar will coach consumers through an unprecedented holiday season and will show them how to:

  • Avoid common (and costly) holiday scams
  • Save money on holiday expenses
  • Use credit cards to save money
  • And review an interactive Holiday Spending Planner

“2020 blindsided consumers and Consolidated Credit has been adapting its educational content to bring people the latest information available,” says April Lewis-Parks, Director of Education and Corporate Communications. “While the coronavirus has changed many financial rules, there are still some personal finance tactics that can help, and we are committed to bringing people that education free of charge.”

The webinar on Nov. 11 is Credit Cards: The Good, The Sad, The Costly and it is designed to help people get the most from their credit cards without risking debt. Consumers will learn how to:

  • Decipher complicated terms and conditions for the best rates and rewards
  • Get a credit card when they have bad credit
  • Find experts who can help them get out of credit card debt

The 10 Smarter Ways to Save Without Breaking a Sweat webinar helps consumers combat the rising price of everyday products. On Dec. 9, consumers will learn:

  • How to save money without knowing it
  • Which online tools and apps can help them save
  • How to save without changing their current lifestyles

Webinars take place at 1 – 2 p.m. EST on the third Wednesday of each month in English and on the fourth Wednesday of each month in Spanish.  All webinar content in English and Spanish will be on-demand at Consolidated Credit’s Financial Resource Center following the live broadcast.

About: Consolidated Credit, a non-profit organization, has helped more than 10 million people overcome debt and financial challenges in 27 years. Their mission is to assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and counseling.

Media contact: April Lewis-Parks – [email protected] / 954-377-9344

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